What is Low Energy Retrofit?

Our homes don’t always perform in the way that we want them to. Whether it’s because they get too cold and draughty in winter or maybe they have damp problems or don’t get enough sunlight in summer.

There’s always room for home improvement.

We can extend them, remodel them or redecorate but unless you know where the problems come from, you wont be able to solve them.

Eco refurbishment

Low energy retrofit is an approach to home improvements that will make your home a warm and comfortable space to live in. If you’re thinking of extending then you might want to look at options that will lower your energy bills too. If you’re planning a major redecoration then improvements to your internal spaces could radically change how you live.

In some cases it might just be that you want to lower your bills or lower the emissions associated with your home.

Because we use so much energy to make our homes warm and cosy, to heat enough hot water and to power all the appliances and gadgets we have we also create a lot of carbon emissions. In fact, our homes account for 30% of all emissions in the UK.

If we are to combat climate change we have to do something about all the energy our homes waste. 

By Retrofitting our homes with well thought out insulation, new doors and windows, and low energy heating systems we can drastically lower the emissions from our homes, and we can lower our energy bills too.

Sometimes as much as 90%.

What are my options?

From simple changes like draught proofing to get rid of cold draughts or something more major like external wall insulation or triple glazed windows we can advise you on the right solution.

At Snug Spaces we help our customers pin point exactly where the problems are and how best to solve them. We can offer a range of solutions to fit every situation and every budget. Whether it’s making your living room warm enough to live in through the summer or finding the most efficient heating system we can turn your home into a dream ecohome.

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