High heating bills

High heating bills can be caused by one factor or many so we assess your property to pinpoint the likely cause. From that assessment we can provide you with a variety of solutions which will lower your bills.


Condensation and mould growth are a very visible symptom of a house that either has a lack of ventilation or has cold spots which are caused by a lack of insulation. We can assess your home in a number of ways to get to the root cause of the problem. Whether this is a visual inspection or an inspection using a thermal imaging camera we can find it and suggest a solution which will cure the issue.

If the problem is just in the bathroom or kitchen then it’s likely to be a lack of ventilation in those rooms, if, however, the problem if more extensively around the house there may be other factors at play.

Cold, unusable rooms

Rooms which are difficult to heat are a common problem. The root cause is either a defective heating system or an inadequate level of insulation. A simple but solution would be to upgrade the radiators or the thermostats. Another solution may be to internally insulate the room, this is more disruptive but will increase the overall comfort of the room and lower overall heating bills. The disruption could be minimized if the homeowner was thinking of re-decorating at the same time. We can offer a full service, from designing how the new room will look, to removing and storing any furniture to the redecoration and final presenting of the room.

Draughty ground floor

Traditional homes with suspended floors often have draughts coming through during the winter months. This air coming through the floor can have a detrimental effect on occupant comfort. The best way of dealing with these problem is to insulate under the floor and create a good air seal below the habitable space.

Misty windows

Misty windows are often a sign that your double glazing has failed. The seals around the glazing in your double glazing is letting in moist air from outside and this is condensing on the glass when it gets cold. There are a range of options to deal with this, from simply changing the glass to replacing the whole unit.

Cold bedrooms or cold attic rooms

If you have rooms on the top floor of your house that are colder than the rest of the house or you find difficult to heat, you could have too little insulation in the spaces above them. It is common for older houses to have too little insulation in the spaces above attic rooms or in lofts. Although many houses have been insulated, it is normally the easy homes that have had it done. We are experienced in finding solution for even the most difficult of homes. If you are experiencing this type of problem, we can find the solution for you.