Most traditional heating systems use a gas boiler to heat radiators. Some will have a thermostat to govern the temperature limit. In most cases each home will only have one thermostat, which will mean that when the room with the thermostat gets to the right temperature the whole heating system will switch off. A smart thermostat stop this problem.

It can be difficult to govern the temperature in all the rooms and make sure that each individual room gets to a satisfactory temperature.By installing a smart heating system you could improve the way your heating works, saving energy and controlling it from your phone or some other remote device.

Smart Heating Systems

Each individual room can be as hot or as cool as you like it. Switch it low when you’re away on holiday or turn it on automatically when you’re on your way home. By using a smart thermostat directly on the radiators in each room the smart system can turn up the heat individually or turn it down if it’s too hot. Some systems will learn from the changes that you make and anticipate the times when you want to turn it on or turn it off.