Loft insulation is a great way of saving money on your heating bills. It’s normally cheap to install and isn’t very intrusive or disruptive. Some houses will be eligible for a free installation via a government grant. Even if you’re not eligible, it is still quite cheap to install and will pay for itself within a few years.

A quick and easy fix for your home

If your joists are regular and there is easy access the installation shouldn’t take too long, normally a couple of hours. If you use your roof space as storage you will need to modify the joists. You won’t be able to get as much insulation in as you need. The best way of doing this is to lay the insulation and then install brackets which your boards will sit on. Make sure your joists have enough strength if you are putting a lot of items on them. If you require storage of heavier items we can help to find a solution which can accommodate this.

Better than building regulations

We are experienced in working around these issues and getting your loft up to approximately 400mm of insulation. This is above the current building regulations, but is the optimum depth for loft insulation. Quite often loft insulation is installed in an ineffective manner. When we survey we will take account of the layout and type of roof that you have and advise on the best way of dealing with your particular circumstances.

If access is difficult or your roof joists are irregular you may need to use a different type of insulation. Foam insulation or granular insulation would be sprayed or placed between the joists. Which might need to be increased in depth in order for the right amount of insulation to be installed. The standard material to use is mineral wool, but there are alternatives; blown paper or sheep wool for instance.

Cost of installation depends on material choice, access and if there is storage required too. Ask us for more information or get in touch if you would like a free home energy survey.