Windows aren’t just for looking through. They can be the difference between a poorly performing house and a warm comfortable home. Choosing the right high performance windows and frames for your home and budget is an important decision, one with which we can help.

High performance upvc windows in a cool calm room
High performance upvc windows

Triple Glazed WIndows

One of the worst areas of performance in a home can be the windows. Updating or replacing standard double glazed units with high performing triple glazed timber frames can help lower your heating bills and reduce draughts.

It is not uncommon to find large gaps in between windows and walls. These gaps can allow air and water to ingress into the property. There are various options available to improve on standard uPVC frames. Double glazed units can be swapped with triple glazed units. The frames can be upgraded to thermally broken frames, which reduce heat loss even more than standard frames. Windows can be replaced with timber frames which are much more environmentally friendly than uPVC. There is more option with colour these days, and most colours can be accommodated. This can add a cool modern feel to any home.

quadruple glazed Fakro roof lights set into a sloped ceiling
quadruple glazed Fakro roof lights

High Performance Windows

The method with which the windows are installed can also have an impact on the home’s performance. We are experienced in installing windows to a high standard. Our installations improve the overall performance of the home and also its appearance too. We install windows to get the maximum performance from them and we use best practice methods which suit the windows we install and your home.

The things to consider when choosing windows for your high performance building project are:

Window Performance

It is vitally important that you choose the right level of performance for your build. There’s no reason to go for extremely low u-values if youre not intending on building a passivhaus. Going for a unit which performs nearly as well might be good enough, and it’ll save you money.

Window Installation

High quality, low energy windows will only perform as well as the final installation. Choosing the right team is a key factor.

Window Colour

Many companies will give you a wide range of options to choose from. Its important that you choose one that suits your house and your style. Most companies can also do differing colours internally and externally. wood finish or painted. Check with the manufacturer as to the warranty on finishes.

Window Material

You can choose from upvc, timber or aluminium or aluminium clad timber. They all have different qualities and different aspects to be aware of when deciding which to go for.


Give yourself plenty of time to find the correct manufacturer, the correct installer and be aware that it takes time to survey and measure properly. High performance windows also have a lead time, check with the manufacturer what time length you can expect to wait until your windows are delivered.

Installing high performance windows requires skill and craftsmanship.

The first step is to have your home surveyed. This is such an important step, get in touch now to organise your survey.