Building Regulations

Extensions can be tricky to assess and survey. Its important to get it right otherwise we could make mistakes when offering the right solution.

This particular property had what looked to be two extensions, built at different times. Thermal imaging revealed very patchy cavity wall insulation and also windows that were of a poor quality. Added to these factors was a floor level that was more than a foot above outside ground level on one side and only a few inches on the other. The floor was solid concrete and the radiators were inadequate.

The extension could not be heated to a comfortable level. In winter it was cold.

External wall insulation

We proposed externally insulating, changing the windows and increasing the loft insulation to 400mm. We added EPS insulation to the outside of the extension and increased the insulation in the loft. By making an envelop around the shell we made it very energy efficient.

High performance windows

The PVC double glazed windows were top of the range. This was because triple glazed windows were beyond the budget of this project.

All of this work meant that the room went for being ‘unheatable’, to being a very cosy and snug place in which to spend time.