Whole House Retrofit

We worked on a homeowner left project to help them complete a whole house renovation. Initially we were asked to install external wall insulation. This meant selecting the correct material to use (EPS) and wrapping the external walls in insulation and finishing with a coloured render.

The dormer bungalow was originally built in the 1960’s. The only improvements to its efficiency since it was built was a poorly installed cavity wall insulation.

We advised the client on a best way to install the insulation, which included bringing the insulation up and over the top of the walls and into the roof space to marry up with the roof insulation. Because it was a dormer bungalow the insulation was at rafter level, not the more common joist level.

Floor Insulation

The homeowner had already installed floor insulation and had installed standard upvc windows. The window fitter did not understand about the proper placement of windows when installing in conjunction with external wall insulation. Unfortunately this left a cold bridge around the window reveals that we could do nothing about. The homeowner partially rectified this by adding insulation to the internal reveal. If this had been planned and sequenced properly, with a little bit of additional knowledge, the window fitter would have solved this simple problem. Cold bridges around windows are a common problem with standard built houses, it is possible to design them out of retrofitted houses.

External Wall Insulation

The external wall insulation was a complete wrap around, which provided a great start to their increased comfort. During the work there were other trades on site. The roofer also needed some coaching on the best ways to achieve airtightness and good thermal performance. We helped him overcome some difficulties with thermal bypass and thermal bridging. We made sure that the wall insulation carried on up to the roof insulation. 

We advised the homeowner on various aspects of the build, especially on subjects like air tightness and thermal bridging. One crucial aspect was the front porch. We took the existing porch down and rebuilt it in timber. Infilling the stud work with insulation and cladding the exterior in Siberian larch.

The house looked drastically different once the work was completed, it has a clean and modern look.

The homeowner has since reported that the energy bill for their first winter in the house was lower than the previous year. And that was when they weren’t even living there!

If you want help with proper planning of your retrofit project, get in touch to find out how we can make sure yours is a complete success.