1. Everyone’s at home. Builders, trades and architects are all at home trying to keep momentum going in readiness for the lifting of restrictions. No site work, no meetings, no driving or travelling to site. If you’re stuck on a problem and want some advice, give them a call OR call us and we can help sort your issue.

2. Dont be caught short. Once restrictions are lifted there’s likely to be a rush to get things moving again. If you haven’t planned your renovation project, you could be waiting months to get the right trades on site.

3.Restrictions wont be lifted for a few weeks yet; this gives you time to get your plans in place. Take some time to really think through how you will plan your extension or home remodel. Planning at the beginning will pay for itself multiple times over during the build.

4. Interest rates are extremely low. This means you can get you finances ready before you start work. Having a good budget and knowing how much you can spend is the first step in any successful building project.

To get help with any aspect of your home improvement project, get in touch today.