We recently had a customer enquire because their home was hard to heat during the winter months. It was a traditional victorian terrace in South Manchester. The windows were original and had lovingly been taken back to bare wood. They have stained sections and are all single glazed. The ground floor had exposed floor boards which allowed lots of drafts to come through. The loft was insulated, but it was covered in mortar from a re-roof and was less than is needed to make any difference.

We advised the homeowner to block up the gaps between the floor boards and we increased the loft insulation to 400mm. As well as boarding out an area for storage and adding a air tight loft hatch so no heat was lost through gaps into the loft space.

The homeowner has since had a company change the original single glazed window panes into double glazed units and they’ve also draft proofed the front and back doors.

During our conversations and discussions with the home owner we discovered that there was a leak under the floor, this was rectified and meant that the humidity levels in the living room dropped to a lower and more comfortable level.

Although the central heating boiler is quite old it is still functional, but we added smart heating controls which meant that the occupants were able to control the temperatures in individual rooms and at varying times.

The homeowner reported that the house was easier to heat and had a more stable temperature and was overall more comfortable.