As part of a major refurbishment we installed external and internal wall insulation to a semi detached house in South Manchester. Putting external cladding onto the front of a house alters the look of the property and can run into problems with planning constraints. We put wood fibre insulation down the side wall as it would be partially hidden by the adjoining house.

Inside the property we put wood fibre insulation on the front walls and the rear walls, this meant that when combined with the external wall insulation the house was almost entirely wrapped. Wrapping the house externally is the best way to insulate a house, but it doesn’t suit every property, nor is it allowed if the property is listed or situated in a conservation area.

Wood fibre insulation was the best material to use for this property as it allows the walls to breathe and it lets moisture through the structure. It improves the air quality and slows the heat loss making for a more comfortable and less humid internal atmosphere.

The surface of the insulation is rendered with a lime render further increasing the moisture controlling aspect of the product.