To think that it was only a few short weeks ago when the awful winter weather finally turned a corner. The cold and wind and rain seem like a distant memory. It seems churlish turn our thoughts to insulation and making our homes warmer, but its during hot weather that one of the side effects of insulation comes to the fore.

Ventilation is an important aspect to consider when you’re improving the insulation levels of your home. Its during these summer months that we realise we also need ventilation. In fact ventilation is an important aspect in most homes.

It can be as simple as opening a window to the more complex heat recovery systems. The type of system you need depends on how air tight your home is. If its very air tight, you might find a mechanical heat recovery ventilation system is just what you need. If however, you have a more traditional draughty home, you might only need intermittent extraction in the kitchen and bathroom.

Not having the right level of ventilation can lead to over heating in summer and condensation and mould problems in the winter. As part of our initial assessment we will ascertain how much and what type of ventilation your home has. We can also organise air tightness tests, these are especially useful if you are embarking on a major renovation or remodel. Having data from before work started and doing another test once work has finished will give you a good idea of how successful your efforts have been.